African Savannah Animals

African Zebras roaming the savanna
Zebras on the savanna


When you think of Africa what often comes to mind are the wide open savannahs and the amazing animals that are found there. The African savannah is a grassland with scattered short trees that extends from the southern portion of the Sahara Desert to the northern border of South Africa, but does not include the tropical rainforest found in central Africa. The savannah has a long dry season and a short rainy season. Numerous types of animals inhabit the savannah and have become well adapted to survival there. On this page we list many of these animals along with interesting facts about many of them. In this information, written for kids and adults, you will learn what animals live on the savannah, how they survive, and where they find food and water.

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List of Savannah Predators

List of Other African Savannah Animals