African Rainforest Facts

African Rainforest Birds
African Rainforest Birds


The African rainforests are home to an abundance of animal and plant life. Out of all the Africa landforms this one is by far the most teeming with life. Rainforest are forests characterized by high rainfall. African rainforest can be found spread across east, central, and west Africa and cover over 2.2 million square miles (3.6 million square kilometers). However as we will discuss later this area is shrinking at an alarming rate. Below are lists of interesting facts about the African rainforests written for both kids and adults.This information includes where the rainforests are located, what animals live there, and how many different species of plants can be found there.

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African Rainforest Facts - Plants

Over 8,000 plant species have been discovered in the rainforest of Africa. These plants have adapted to the rainforest environment which is very humid, dark, and receives a lot of rain. Here are some interesting facts about plants found in the African rainforest.

African Rainforest Facts - Animals

African rainforest are home to an extraordinary number of animals. Even just a few square miles of rainforest can be home to dozens of different animal species. Below we list some of the many animals that can be found inhabiting these Africa landforms.

Animals found in Africa's tropical rainforest


Perhaps the best known African rainforest animal is the gorilla, in particular the mountain gorilla. The mountain gorilla lives in the rainforests around Rwanda and the Congo's Lake Kivu. They can grow up to five feet and nine inches tall and can weigh up to six hundred pounds. They are vegetarians.

African Forest Elephant

These elephants are much smaller that the elephants found on the African savanna. They weigh anywhere from 7000 pounds to 9000 pounds (3,182 to 4,091 kilos). They feed on the plentiful fruit and vegetation available in the rainforest.

Black Colobus Monkey

These animals live in the high canopies of the rainforest in a region stretching from southwest Cameroon to the Congo River. They are amazing jumpers.

African Grey Parrot

These birds are believed to be quite intelligent and are extremely talkative and great verbal mimics. They are very popular choices for pets.

Pygmy Hippopotamus

This rainforest animal is the smallest of the hippopotamus species. They are on average five feet long (1.53 meters) and weigh 418 pounds (190 kilos).


As we have discussed the African rainforests are the home to numerous plant and animal species. These landforms are also extremely important for the health of the world's ecosystem. This being said, the rate at which Africa's rainforest are being destroyed is alarming. At the current rate it is possible that the West African rainforest will be completely destroyed by the year 2020.
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