African Savanna

African Zebras on the Savanna
Zebras on the Savanna


The African Savanna grasslands are expansive areas with scattered trees that lie between the continents rainforests and deserts and run along the equator. This African landform is where the great cats such as lions stalk their prey and where the African elephants roam. On this page are lists of interesting facts, written for kids and adults, about the African Savanna. This information includes what animals live there and where the Savanna is located.

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African Savanna Seasons

There are two seasons dry (winter) and wet (summer) on the African Savanna. The dry season is long, lasting from October through March. This season is very dry and only about four inches of rain falls during the entire season. It is during this season that water holes dry up and you see animals sneaking in to get a sip of water while trying to avoid crocodiles waiting to attack them. The wet season (summer) is very different from the dry season. Between fifteen and twenty five inches of rain fall on the savannas during this time. It can rain for many hours non-stop. It gets very hot and humid on the grasslands during this season and as this hot air rises it hits cooler air causing rain.

Plants found on the African Savanna

There are many different types of plants found on the African savanna all of which have to be able to withstand long periods of drought in order to survive the long dry season. Below is a list of the most common plants found on these African landforms.

Animals found on the African Savanna

There are an abundance of animals found on the grasslands that are all well equipped to withstand the extreme conditions. These animals are dependent on each other to keep the environment in balance. Savanna animals are all in a constant search for food and water. Some of these animals are listed below.